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Shared experience of domestic boutique Foxmail 5.0 (multi-map)

Foxmail 5.0 can be described as "long-awaited" would have broad company said its developer is published by the end of July, but was postponed due to various reasons, they have a month. During this period only in the Sina Web users see a "Foxmail 5.0 Alpha 3 full trial reports are not" test version of the Internet do not see any sign of, really tempt the appetite of the users. However, the breadth of the company means what it says finally, in August of last day of the last joint Sina released Foxmail 5.0 Beta1 version of the following, we would soon see what new changes the new version now!

Still friendly user interface

If your system has been installed the old version of Foxmail, then the implementation of Foxmail 5.0 installation Cheng Xu O'clock, Ji Tong will be prompted whether to upgrade, select "yes" in the new version Jixubaoliu Yuan Lai's accounts, address books.

In general terms, Foxmail 5.0 user interface and does not have much of the change (Figure 1), still maintained a light and breezy style, but XP 32-bit true color characteristics of the icon is likely to make you brighten.

Figure 1 Foxmail 5.0 user interface

Shut out spam

Foxmail 5.0 enhanced anti-spam features in particular, the use of the Bayesian algorithm, rule filtering, blacklists, white lists and so on filtering technology that can accurately identify spam and non-spam.

Foxmail 5.0 blacklist used to record the address to send spam or name of the sender of the message if a new address or name is included in the blacklist, then this message will be determined as spam and moved to "scrap box "in. The white list is used to record will not send junk mail to your address or name of the sender, if the sender's address included in the white list, then the message will be directly determined as non-spam.

If the e-mail address is neither in the blacklist, nor in the white list, then Foxmail 5.0 will continue to use the "Filter Rules of Law" on the e-mail to judge, each corresponding to a fraction of spam rules, when the message matches a rule, the system will message corresponding to the increase in the score, when the message when the score reaches a certain value, will be judged to be spam.

Finally, the system will use the "Bayesian algorithm" on the e-mail to judge, but before you need to let Foxmail study group spam and non-spam. From the "Tools" menu, open the "anti-spam settings", select "Bayesian filtering" option page (Figure 2), click on "learn" button, the message will pop up study guide, select one to learn E-mail, select an appropriate option to start learning. Purpose of the study is to collect the mail features of words, this thesaurus can be automatically generated waste and non-spam lexicon, when discrimination based on "junk words" and "non-spam words" appear frequently in the message as a condition, even if the user not set any rules, Foxmail 5.0 automatically after learning antispam.

Figure 2 uses "Bayesian filtering"

Make your e-mail more secure

On business activities, to ensure the authenticity of the message (not imitation by others, or deletion) and confidentiality (or illegally intercepted by others here) is becoming increasingly important. Foxmail 5.0 can be digitally signed and encrypted messages, compatible with a variety of encryption and decryption algorithms, much convenient for users.

To use the digital signature, first need to log broad application provided free of digital certificates, the entire process including the installation of CA root certificate, apply for the certificate, obtain the serial number and password, download and install the certificate. When installed, open the "Tools 鈫?System Settings 鈫?Security" tab page (Figure 3), where you can set whether the contents of all outgoing messages and attachments be encrypted, whether the signature on all outgoing messages and so on.

If you want to send a signed message, as long as the new message window, click the toolbar's "signature" button; send encrypted mail, click on the toolbar as "encryption" button. Read the digital signature or encrypted message, you will find a ribbon marker or lock tag, if there is to read the e-mail security issues, such as e-mail has been tampered with or the sender's digital certificate has expired, Foxmail 5.0 will display a security warning message , and specify the problem.

Figure 3 Setting the digital signature

Web Mail messages received

Homail, MSN, Yahoo and other mail, Web Mail provided only the means of receipt without providing POP3 collection methods. Previous Foxmail 4.2 have support for MSN Hotmail and send and receive mail, but for Yahoo's mail, they can only receive mail from, but also must agree to receive advertising terms. Now Foxmail 5.0 can not only receive mail from, but also the normal charge from posting it! This is the advantage of Foxmail-Hotmail Proxy technology to achieve, if Foxmail-Hotmail Proxy program running on the local machine, then the "POP3 server" field only need to fill "localhost" can be (Figure 4).


Figure 4 Note that login name to use E-mail address with the registered name to use

Unfortunately, at present we are still only receive mail from e-mail, mail can not send mail using, can only function of the EMS.

In addition, perhaps because it is a test version of the reason, Foxmail 5.0 being the way also can not receive IMAP mail, hope to join the official version of the launch of this feature.

Other new features

Import other mail system's address book

Now we can import in Foxmail 5.0 Outlook or OE in the contact list, address book, or even Netscape Mail 3.x and Eudora 3.x in the Address Book can import. The vCard feature can help users achieve PDA, cell phone, the remote server and other equipment and Foxmail address book data exchange between.

Support the electronic business card

Figure 5 Editing a vCard card

VCard electronic business card format is the contact information, vCard format can be widely used in various digital devices and operating systems, as long as the advance in the "Account Properties 鈫?send a message" in the edited your card (Figure 5), after writing a message can be inserted at any time on it. You can use business card information and contact details of the sender's public key digital certificate to send to each other. The other received message will contain a suffix named ". Vcf" attachment, the attachment is vCard card, double-click it the system will open the Microsoft Outlook program displays the appropriate card information.


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