Monday, July 12, 2010

Download FlashGet 1.83 FlashGet universal tool for new front-line speed

Express (FlashGet) was recently introduced its latest 1.83beta version, the version of the innovative features of the concept proposed by P4S, based on the full support in the P2S Http, Ftp, BT, eMule, etc. four kinds of download protocol, so users can more easily Download complicated, the agreement varied resources.

At the same time improve the speed, stability, consolidation also allow new Express (FlashGet) once again become the focus of the industry.

Achievements of universal domination

Unity is the new Express (FlashGet) 1.83beta biggest breakthrough point, because network resources can not focus spread, so download the single download tool usually can not complete the download, all download tools occupy disk, not only to the computer has greatly increased the burden to users has brought a lot of trouble, 1.83 beta version of Express (FlashGet) original release of the P4S completely solve the problems. In November last year to support BT download, FlashGet this in turn eMule (eDonkey) into, which makes the new version 1.83 is currently the most comprehensive "universal download manager" in support of BT, eMule, plus the original Http, Ftp, new integration different download protocols. Through one-stop service to download, offers the highest savings in the user time to meet the needs of fast download, no matter where the distribution of resources, only a simple configuration, BT, eMule, etc., express the whole done! To download the tool without worrying about incompatibility, but also there is no need to install the software take up more disk space, and Express versions 1.83, download the tools of traditional single-round multi-direction taken, as the lead military, the role of new express more prominent, more worthy of experience.

Hurricane high speed plus file

Speed, still express the characteristics of the most attention, but also its soul, 1.83beta version of adhering to the Express has always accurately capture, the precise identification of the hidden connections and fast download excels, in general, the download speed is mainly restrictions by the server constraints, such as proxy server or the server does not fully apply the single issues, such as express goal entirely Tupoyixie site connectivity, allowing each connection can use different proxy servers, fully utilize the server all the resources and constraints of small is speed.

For download it, time is life, Express site resources embedded explorer, you can easily browse Http and Ftp site directory structure, and to support the Ftp directory of downloads, shortening the time to find resources to determine the connection, plus support mirroring function, manually or automatically through Ftp Search to find the mirror site, full speed for the Express, while multi-thread download, HTTP, also can be divided into multiple parts at the same time a software download, you can also set multiple download tasks At the same time to download, download speed will be rapidly advanced, it is worth mentioning that in the same time ensure that such high-speed downloads, FlashGet Bingbu occupy large of Zi Yuan, completely without interfering with other 鎿嶄綔, download the same Ke Yi browse Wang Ye, Kan Zaixian video, open the other procedures, so download movies and other large files, the process is no longer a cumbersome, long wait.

Unassailable security escort

Stability is of overriding the fundamental issue, but also Express (FlashGet) where a consistent advantage. The new upgrade again, full optimization of ultra-hard disk read and write caching technology, the system can automatically optimize their own situation in the cache, not hurt the hard drive, but also to protect the user's system resources to optimize the advantages of this no doubt express the acceleration of re-Tim wing.

Express (FlashGet) 1.83beta and previous versions of the same line as the concept of green software, no pop-up windows and malicious links, not mandatory bundle other software, clean, fresh, clear information on risk is also in place in time, to download a series of anti-virus anti-virus, will not let the computer exposure, and the Express (FlashGet) to download when the download link will also avoid some of the theft of your personal information, monitoring the safety of these unique features allow users to be more at ease.

Continuation of good family background of traditional

New version of Express (FlashGet) 1.83beta several versions of the same as before with a unique innovation that is compatible with Microsoft vista operating system, in the case of network update faster, guaranteed for some time will not produce new systems are not compatible with the problem.

In addition, the Express (FlashGet) still carried on in the past with other powerful features, its management is, as always, the full support of drag, renamed; add descriptions to find; file name duplication when automatically renaming; to download the software category, storage; at any time to find, manage the downloaded files before, these features too diverse for download but failed to manage the users, both time and effort.

Resources are fixed, tool does Keyi diverse, 闈㈠ many choices, Express (FlashGet) human-based Sheji allow users to experience the fun when downloading more autonomous, 涔?more fun, if you can Jihua download, Bikaiwangluo Shiyong peak time or less expensive in the network time to download; supports automatic dial-up, downloaded automatically hang up and shutdown, etc., so that users themselves sufficient planning time and other resources, diversify the sources of complexity in the network today, so download a comprehensive tools, is a competent partner Internet.


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